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How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

Survey companies are hired by corporations to conduct studies on the needs and wants of consumers like you. These survey companies need people to join their online survey panels so they can conduct these surveys. When their panelists complete a survey, they offer a reward such as cash, a gift voucher, merchandise, a contest entry, etc. as a "thank you" to the panelist for giving their honest opinions. It's win-win for everyone: the corporation finds out more about their target market, the market research company gets paid by the corporation for conducting the study, and the panelists get a reward for completing the survey.

How Much Money Can I Make?

On average you can make anywhere from 50 pence to over 50 pounds per survey.

How Many Surveys Will I Get?

Again, that depends. You will be invited to take more surveys by registering with multiple online survey companies; the more you sign up with, the more surveys you should get. Regardless most market research companies seem to send their panelists an average of around 1-3 surveys per month, you can massively improve your chances of receiving surveys by making sure you keep your profile up to date.

How Many Survey Companies Can I Join?

There is no limit to how many survey firms you can join - it's completely up to you. Remember, all legitimate survey companies are also free to join and will never ask you for any money. Instead they will reward you for your time! The more you join the more money you can earn.

Will I Get Junk Email From Signing Up For Surveys?

No. If you sign up as a member of legitimate online survey panels, you will not receive any junk mail. Your information will not be sold to anyone. Check a survey company's privacy policy to be sure if you have additional concerns.

What Software Do I Need?

All you need is an internet browser (internet explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox etc.) an internet connection and an e-mail address.

Do I Have To Complete All Surveys Received?

No, you're under no obligation to do so. When you receive an e-mail asking you if you'd like to complete a survey, it's up to you if you think it is worth your time or not. Survey e-mails typically contain information such as the topic of the survey, the length of time it should take you to complete it, as well as what your reward will be for filling out the survey. If you don't wish to do the survey, simply delete the e-mail, and wait until a survey that you're more interested in completing, arrives.

Do I Have To Pay Anything?

No, there is nothing for you to pay. Survey companies will pay or reward you for taking the time to complete surveys honestly. None of the companies listed on our website would ever ask you to pay.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy - start by joining all the companies under the 5 star tab. Once you click on the 'Join Now' text a new window/tab will open with that company's website. You then simply fill in the application form, most will send you through an email asking you to confirm your wish to join. Once done sit back and wait for the survey requests to hit your in box.

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